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Education is a very good thing.

CDA Presents is your don’t-miss opportunity to fulfill continuing education needs in a fun, exciting atmosphere—at record speed. In fact, our workshops, free lectures and other C.E. opportunities are the most convenient way for you to meet your license renewal requirements.

Update on C.E. Verification
In the past, the 3-digit confirmation code given at the end of each course was required to verify C.E. units at the onsite or online C.E. Pavilion. This code is now used as a backup to ensure that you receive credit for the courses you attended in full. Always keep your 3-digit codes until you obtain your official transcripts. To better serve you, please continue to take the short surveys to give us feedback on the courses you took.

Please keep in mind that all courses displayed in the C.E. Pavilion are those that had any onsite scan activity and does not guarantee credit. Official certificates are only granted for classes attended in full and will be available at three to four weeks after the show.

C.E. Requirements - New Dental Board Regulations
The Dental Board of California has recently adopted new Continuing Education (C.E.) regulations. The regulations no longer specify courses as Category I and Category II. The regulations, however, are specific regarding the content type and limits the number of credits for specific content areas. To facilitate California licensed dental professionals in complying with the new regulations, CDA will identify each course’s content as either a “Core” or a “20%” course. This is very similar to the previous Category I and II and divides continuing education courses into two categories that are defined as follows:

Core courses must make up a minimum of 80 percent of the credits in a renewal cycle. These courses include courses that directly enhance the licensee’s knowledge, skill and competence in the provision of service to patients or the community.

20% courses can make up only 20 percent of the credits in a renewal cycle. These courses include courses considered to be primarily of benefit to the licensee.

Required Units for License Renewal

For every renewal cycle, California state law requires licensed dentists and allied dental health professionals to complete two units in infection control and two units in the California Dental Practice Act. Licensees are also required to complete a course in Basic Life Support.