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Host Opportunities

The success of CDA Presents hinges upon the time and efforts of many, including our valued speaker and room hosts. During the convention, hosts assure our speakers are well taken care of upon arrival, during their presentations and through departure.

As you consider volunteering your time, determine whether you'd prefer to serve as a speaker host, who takes care of the speaker, or room host, who takes care of the room. Also determine whether you can volunteer five hours or more to qualify for perks.

Becoming a Host

Only ADA/CDA members, students and other licensed dental professionals can be considered for hosting assignments. In addition, to serve as a speaker or room host, you must allow for one-hour gap between end and start of programs. You can apply to be a host online in just a few steps:

  1. Log in to cda.org to begin the application process. If you do not have a member login, you will need to create one.
  2. Select "My Account" to access the CDA Presents Volunteer Application and then click "Search" to view all open positions.
  3. Once the event list appears, select the program(s) you prefer with available speaker host or room host positions (at least five hours to receive perks).
  4. A program manager will review your application and schedule request. Once approved, you'll receive an email with a VIP registration code and information on how to register as a host.

Host Perks

In appreciation for their time and skills, all hosts volunteering five hours or more receive special benefits at CDA Presents:

  • Two complimentary tickets to the CDA Party on Friday evening (be sure to request on the VIP registration form)
  • Complimentary lunch on the day(s) of host assignment
  • Access to CDA’s Hospitality Suite on the day(s)of host assignment
  • Access to the VIP Lounge on the day(s) of host assignment
  • Special perk for hosts at CDA Presents in Anaheim: two complimentary twilight tickets to Disneyland good for either park on any day of CDA Presents from 4 p.m. to park closure